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What are the Challenges Faced by the Customer Support Team?

In almost every organization, the customer support team plays an integral role in maintaining customer experiences. It also has a great impact on areas like budgets, staffing, and many other aspects that affect the business on the whole.

However, is it ever a curiosity how the support team plays such an important role for every enterprise. What are the challenges they face and how do they impact overall business? In this blog post, we will discuss the challenges faced by the support team.

Challenges Faced by the Support Team

Here are some of the challenges faced by the support team.

Challenges Faced by the Support Team

Requests and Interruptions from Various Channels

IT services can be costly because of which efficient measures have to be put in place to address concerns cost-effectively without compromising the quality of the product or service.

While customer support teams are completely dedicated to resolving any issues that may arise, the frequency of tickets raised and constant interruptions keep them occupied and the resolutions remain pending for a substantial amount of time.

The requests are received in various forms and can be time-consuming because they can fall in queues very quickly and frustrate the support team. The long waiting and long conversations with customers regarding issues also tend to affect the quality of solutions.

Long Resolution Time and Lost Issues

When technology is integrated into a business, there is a need for instant troubleshooting. It can very quickly develop into an issue when the support team receives too many requests to handle and does not possess the communication tools that are required.

For instance, various surveys have shown that more than 45% of support desks use email to track requests. When tasked with carrying out these requests manually, productivity is significantly hampered.

They will need a structured intake process to request tracking tools. Without this, the service desk misses out on opportunities to capture any data that can help identify issues and also speed up resolution times in the future.

Recurring Issues

Unresolved issues are a great cause of concern for customer support teams, end-users, and app owners. Without the necessary tools and sufficient records, it will be massively challenging for support desks to identify system problems.

What happens is, that too much time and too many resources are spent on resolving similar issues time and again. In case the team does not get any valuable data, it can be difficult to create the right plans for the number of tickets received and also to tackle the origin point of the issue.

Keeping Track of Customer Assets

The issues reported to the support team are mostly related to a user equipment. For this, the solutions must be created by acquiring reasonable knowledge about the assets. Even though the process is tedious, it enables the support team to tackle specific issues.

When looking for assistance, for instance, any amount of experience allows the IT desk to resolve issues that analyze service histories without going through the troubleshooting process each time.

When the support service teams spend too much time on this, it can drastically reduce productivity and also generate unreliable information if it is not curated in the right way.

Repetitive Tasks

Usually, there are various FAQs that support desks have to deal with regularly. This concurs that plenty of time is again consumed in carrying out the same processes on a loop. One of the best examples of this is password reset. Customer support teams tend to get queries related to password changes up to 40% of the time.

More often than not, these issues are not as problematic and can even be prevented before they are escalated by the user. Having said that, not addressing these issues could lead to unnecessary expenses.

Hire a Business Ops Team for Technical Issues

Having a Business Ops team can help organizations maintain a smooth workflow without any interruptions during or after production. Business Ops engineers can deduce any issues that might arise and quickly take care of them before there is an escalation towards the support team.

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