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Top 3 Recruitment Trends in 2022

Top 3 Recruitment Trends in 2022

With recruitment statistics surging and demand for good employees going up, business organizations all around the globe are looking at ways to beef up their workforce. This includes organizations that still managed to excel and find success during the pandemic. Because finding and retaining a suitable pool of employees is always a challenge.

In recent times, factors like the pandemic have brought about a widening skill gap which has contributed to this problem. Organizations have optimized their recruitment practices to have a better chance of overcoming these challenges.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the leading recruitment trends that will likely help you close down prospective employees better.

Recruitment Trends That Will Help You

Here are some of the leading recruitment trends your organization can implement to bring in suitable candidates.

Recruitment Trends That Will Help You

Proactive Engagement of Candidates

This is probably an unexpected hiring trend that has been adopted by several companies in recent times. Although it has been a common practice for filling up executive vacancies, it was seldom used for entry-level positions.

However, organizations have chosen to move ahead with this as passive recruiting is not as beneficial. Again, the reason for this is the widening skill gap witnessed across the industry. The new approach involves the HR team reaching out to candidates early and keeping in touch with them all through the process.

They also look to build a certain level of rapport with these candidates so that they are driven to join their company. This trend is expected to continue for the remaining part of 2022 and beyond.

Using Advanced Screening Tools

Another major emerging recruitment trend is the use of screening tools. Yes, skill tests and evaluation tools have been around for quite a while, but companies prefer to screen candidates with their Resumes and through interviews.

Although these tactics have had their merits and been successful, they do not provide enough information about what a candidate can do with regard to skill and ability. As opposed to this, a skill test enables employers to carry out effective screening and also shorten the recruitment process.

This has become an essential practice in 2022 as companies are always looking to offer employment opportunities to quality candidates when they are available. What a skill test also does, helps them identify that a certain candidate is not right for the job and that he or she can be utilized in some other way based on skill.

Because work ethics and culture are an important part of the IT domain these days, some companies also carry out a behavioral assessment as part of the screening process.

Offering Remote Work to Candidates

This has proven to be a highly effective strategy when it comes to bringing candidates on board for the job you are offering. It is no secret that the pandemic was influential in bringing about this major shift in work-life dynamics.

Every candidate now knows that remote work is possible and leans towards the organization that is willing to provide him or her with this liberty. While some percentage of employees have chosen the hybrid model as their preferred way of working, very few have agreed to come to the offices completely.

This is why companies are now using it as a way to entice employees into joining them. Offering this to candidates can be a deciding factor in several cases. It can help increase employee morale. The implementation of this approach is no longer a hindrance as productivity can be achieved seamlessly and retention also becomes easier.

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