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Vanshika Shukla

People Executive


Experience: 2 Years

Hobbies : Traveling, Dancing, And Cooking


This is Vanshika Shukla, Human Resources Associate at 91Social. She started with us as an intern in the year 2020 amidst the pandemic. When remote work had just begun across the business industry, Vanshika too found it quite difficult to grasp at the beginning.
However, our management saw something special in her which is why they offered her a permanent role in the company. In the space of less than a month in 2021, Vanshika solely managed the onboarding of 50 employees which is a rigorous task any day. She was so focused and responsible during this period that she did not even realize it until our co-founder, Gaurav, told her so.
In November 2021, Vanshika faced challenges managing her responsibilities as her post-graduation had come up. This is when the company eased the burden on her by hiring two interns to work with her.
Speaking about her journey, Vanshika says “I am someone who has committed several mistakes throughout my career and learned from them. It is what I continue to do even to this day. I would like to credit Tanisha and Gaurav for where I am today as they have supported me in different ways throughout the journey. Handling a team of my own has been great and I want to give them the freedom to explore like I was.”
When asked about what highlights her journey, she said “91Social provided me flexibility with my timings which has allowed me to attend college and work simultaneously.”

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