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Tarang Upadhyay

Software Engineer

Experience: 4+ Years

Hobbies: Video Games, Sketching


Tarang Upadhyay is a Software Engineer at 91Social. He hails from the city of Agra and joined us in the year 2021. Tarang showed excellent technical acumen during his interview which meant he was placed on a project with a Fintech client almost immediately.

Having worked on three different projects in a little over a year at the company, Tarang already feels in a better place. Speaking about this, he says “I have worked at different companies before I came here and I can honestly say that this is the best exposure I have had so far. I did not know many programming languages before joining 91Social. Today, I know at least four languages proficiently. I feel very fortunate about getting this opportunity and I work hard to make sure I am making the most of it.”

Speaking about the highlight of his journey, Tarang says “91Social aims to ensure that the client is happy which we all try to implement. On the personal front, the client has appreciated my work and recognized it on a couple of occasions. So I can say it feels very satisfactory.”

When quizzed about the company leadership and work culture, he said “I have no words to describe the leader Gaurav has been. Every time I go to him with something, he makes sure it is addressed. Even when it does not directly concern him. As far as the work culture is concerned, it is the best thing about working here. I have had the freedom to be flexible with my work which is something almost everyone looks for now.”

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