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Tanisha Tumat


Experience: 3 Years

Hobbies : Traveling, Playing Tennis & Watching Cricket


Hey folks!! This is Tanisha Tumat, Head of Finance and People at 91Social. Tanisha joined us in 2019 and within a month, the management recognized that she can excel in the finance department and was handed over the responsibility.

The interesting fact about Tanisha is, that she has a degree of Bachelor’s Engineering in Computer Science and yet, she chose a path that she was interested in. Coming from a technical background and excelling in the finance department so effortlessly is a skill very few people possess, and 91Social recognized Tanisha as one of them.

Speaking about her choice of career, she says “I think it is important to understand what we like doing and carve a career out of it. For me, that was the goal. And I am grateful to 91Social for giving me the opportunity.”

In less than a year, Tanisha was handling all of the work as a people’s manager. Upon noticing this, our co-founder Gaurav asked her to hire juniors so that she can focus on more important areas. When asked about this, she said “I think that was a transitional phase for me where I became more responsible and enjoyed my role. I am proud of the work my team is doing right now.”

About the leadership, Tanisha says “Sunil and Gaurav have guided me through my journey constantly. I learned everything under their wings and it is amazing that this journey has come from being an intern to being Head of Finance in such a short span.”

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