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Sneha Tyagi

Lead Project Facilitator


Experience: 4.5 Years

Hobbies :  Photography, Blogging and Content Creation


Sneha Tyagi joined 91Social as a project facilitator in the year 2020. From the get-go, she has been a confident individual who pulls off unique strategies and plans to bring the best out of her team.

While project facilitation can be a challenge for any individual, Sneha showed immaculate skills and put herself at the forefront to lead projects in the future. As the number of projects grew exponentially, the company required Sneha to step up and shoulder more responsibility.

Two years into the company, she is working on one of our most prominent projects with a renowned fintech firm that involves managing lending operations with a team of 33 members. Stepping into this challenging role and handling it so effortlessly, Sneha has proven to be a valuable asset for us.

According to her “The best thing about working at 91Social is that the leadership is extremely supportive and they do not micromanage. They have given me the freedom to manage my team and take complete ownership of my job. In the process, not only have I grown in this role for the company but also have learned so much for my personal development.”

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