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Sneha Rani

Sneha Rani

Senior Software Engineer

Experience: 5+ years

Hobbies : Singing, Dancing


Meet Sneha Rani. She is a Senior Software Engineer at 91Social. Sneha was recruited in 2021 and has been working on one of our prominent projects with a Fintech client. Right from the beginning, Sneha has been a team player and a quick learner which made her a crucial member of this team.

Speaking about her experience in the initial few months, she says “The one thing I love about working here is that we are allowed to learn. Before joining 91Social, my knowledge of coding was quite limited. So it would be fair to say that I have enhanced my skill set by many notches in the last year or so. The major highlight of this is learning React while working on this project simultaneously.”

When asked about the work culture, Sneha said “I have heard about the excellent work environment everybody experiences at the office. I am looking forward to visiting the office at some point which I have not done yet. I’ve wanted to work remotely and I am thankful 91Social has allowed me to do it.”

Talking about the people she has worked with so far, Sneha highlights “These people are everything a team must be. Everyone is highly cooperative, helpful, and always learning from each other. We help each other carry out tasks more productively and overcome any challenges that come before us. In my journey so far, Amlan and Gaurav have been very supportive to me.”


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