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senior software engineer

Experience: 5+ Years

Hobbies : Cricket, History, TV Shows


Shailesh Singh is a senior software engineer at 91Social. He hails from Gwalior and completed his education in the city of Indore. Shailesh joined us in 2019 as an associate software engineer and was almost immediately placed in a project with a Fintech client.

He was tasked with handling the front end part of this along with a few others from 91Social. This is where he displayed a great amount of technical prowess. He became a quick learner and started to pick up on exemplary coding skills working with some of 91Social’s best.

Recalling one of these experiences, Shailesh says “I’ve spent a lot of time working with Amlan in a few of my earlier projects. I think his guidance has been a crucial aspect in my journey and it helped me a great deal to enhance my skill set.”

As time went by, Shailesh started playing an integral part in every project he was a part of. He was a part of the team bringing in new engineers to the company based on client requirements. Speaking about this, he says “91Social is like a home to me. While coding is something I have always enjoyed, taking interviews to bring in the younger engineers to the company is an experience I will always cherish. I am quite happy with where I am but obviously look forward to getting better every day.”

When asked about the leadership, Shailesh says “Both Sunil and Gaurav are inspiring leaders who have always allowed each individual to take ownership of his or her work.”

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