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Shahila Tharwat

Product Manager

Experience: 5+ Years

Hobbies : Reading, Watching movies.


91Social would like to introduce you to our Product Manager, Shahila Tharwat. She joined us in the year 2019 to help us with data parsing operations for one of our prominent Fintech clients.

While she was still on this project, Shahila expressed her desire to work on a project with our director, Sunil. Coincidentally, our pdf parsing solution, Datasahi was also in the pipeline at that time and Gaurav asked Shahila to work with Sunil given her keenness.

This happened to be one of her most prominent achievements at 91Social as she became one of the chief architects of Datasahi. Sharing her experience, Shahila said “I literally cannot place a better experience of working on any project than working with Sunil. It changed my approach to coding and life in general. I learnt to appreciate well written, well thought out coding solutions and to respect the business value of existing solutions regardless of my opinion of it. Personally, the learning was exponential. I am forever grateful for the opportunity.”

Talking about the challenges during the project and her vision for Datasahi, she said “When you are building a product from the ground up, you are bound to face challenges. For us, I think the biggest challenge was acceptance, to convince people that our solution was better than the currently existing one in all aspects, especially performance wise. I would like very much for this product to grow from strength to strength while maintaining high standards of functionality, performance and ease of usage.

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