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Samuel Marandi

Samuel Marandi

tech lead

Experience: 5+ Years

Hobbies : Gaming, Reading Books, Going on long drives. 


This is one of 91Social’s most prominent tech leads, Samuel Marandi. Samuel, fondly called “Sam” by most of us, joined us in 2019 as a tech lead. He was hesitant to come over at first because he was part of an established organization. But he finally decided that he wanted to be part of a company that is built from the ground up.

Sam initially handled a few internal projects as tech lead with some of our younger engineers while also mentoring them at the same time. His first noteworthy project here came a few months later in the form of OPDLift which he considers the biggest challenge in his journey. Because OPDLift was facing challenges on the technical side, Sam stepped in and handled it effectively till the delivery was made.

His mentoring and leadership skills were exemplary which is why he was given the responsibility to bring young developers into the company. Speaking about this experience, he says “My focus was to bring in people who possess both technical skills and are a good cultural fit to our organization. Because at the end of the day, we are looking to meet client requirements more than our own.”

According to Sam, his best experience working in projects came when he worked on the Mesh Dynamics project as the leading frontend engineer. When asked where he sees himself moving forward, Sam says “I think if you are part of 91Social, you draw inspiration from Sunil and Gaurav. They are brilliant leaders and have built such a great company from the ground up. It is my privilege to continue growing with them and pushing the standards up everyday.”

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