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Backend Support Engineer

Experience: 3+ Years

Hobbies: Carrom Board, Traveling


Piravin is a Backend Support Engineer at 91Social. He hails from Tamil Nadu and joined us in 2021 after working at another firm for a brief period. Ever since he joined 91Social, Piravin felt quite comfortable and had a feel-good factor regarding his growth here.

He was placed in a lending operations project with one of our Fintech clients where he took care of backend support. Speaking about his initial experience, Piravin says “I think, first of all, the fact that I was allowed remote work was very important considering the fact that I come from a different state. Initially, it took me some time to understand the process and Naveen was extremely helpful in getting me where I am. He has plenty of experience and learning from him has been a highlight of my time here.”

Speaking about the work culture and flexibility provided by the leaders, Piravin spoke with a lot of gratitude “Neither have I seen nor heard about any company doing this. Right at the beginning, I could not start working on my joining date due to personal reasons. Gaurav allowed me to take this time off and come to work after my issues were sorted. I am extremely thankful to him for that.”

When asked about his work on the project, Piravin stated “Sneha is an excellent manager. She provides not only me but everyone with the flexibility and freedom to go about their work. And I think such leadership is important for us to achieve productivity.”

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