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Software Engineer

Experience: 3.8 Years

Hobbies : Playing Cricket , Travelling, and Indoor Games


Naveen is one of our most experienced backend developers. He joined 91Social in 2019 after having worked at another company for a brief period.

When Naveen first came in, he was quite skeptical of how it would be for him because 91Social was still finding ground in terms of the number of employees. Naveen’s first stint here was working as a backend developer for one of our earlier projects with OPDLift. His technical skill was so impeccable that our management would place him on new projects with complete faith.

Shortly after working on a couple more projects, he was put into a four-member team in a project with a fintech client where he had to look into the technical part of lending operations. Today, our team there has grown to the strength of 33 members and Naveen is the senior-most member in terms of experience. He has been part of all our projects with this client and now knows the process better than anybody else.

Speaking about his journey, Naveen says “When I first came in, I asked Gaurav if this would work for me. And he was like if you want to learn and grow, pack up and come here. And I am so thankful to 91Social because it has turned out exactly this way. I am very satisfied with the journey so far and would like to give the credit to Sunil who was such a pillar of support at the beginning of my journey here.”

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