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Mohan Raj

Mohan Raj

UI/UX Designer

Experience: 2+ Years

Hobbies : Bike Riding, and Gaming


Meet Mohan Raj. He is the UI/UX creative designer at 91Social. Mohan joined us in 2020 as an intern and after proving to be excellent at what he does, was hired as a permanent employee after a month. Passionate about graphics and design, Mohan enjoyed his role right from the outset and soon started playing an integral role in revamping our website, creating designs for social media, promotions, and more.

Talking about his early experience, Mohan said “91Social is my first experience working with an organization. I was not too familiar with technologies and the kind of designs we needed to create for audience engagement. But the people here are so welcoming and supportive that I could pick up things quickly.”

In his journey here so far, Mohan has contributed to the revamping of the 91Social website twice. Recalling this, he says “I think no one can ever forget their first experience obviously. But for me, I think it was a major learning curve when we revamped the website just recently. I was part of a more elaborate team which had people coming up with so many brilliant ideas. It has been my best experience so far.”

Talking about the culture, Mohan said “I cannot complain about anything. I have been given the flexibility to work remotely when I want which also helps me explore my passion of bike riding. And more or less, it’s the team that makes a good culture. I love working under the wings of an experienced individual like Rakesh. I have learned so much from him. Also, Hubert and team have played a crucial role in helping me reach where I am.”

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