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Manikya Das

Senior Business Development Executive


Experience: 4 Years

Hobbies : Playing guitar, Composing music and
Watching movies


Manikya Das is our Senior Business Development Executive at 91Social. He hails from Mangalore in Karnataka and did his early education in Bahrain.

He joined us in 2021 as a Business Development Executive and was tasked with establishing connections with potential clients from the database and arranging meetings. 

Manikya showed great promise very quickly after joining as he used to set up an average of 16 meetings with customers every month. In very little time, he has done many other tasks for the company like creating content, hosting webinars, etc.

When asked about his journey here, Manikya said “I am grateful that I got this opportunity at 91Social. I had struggled for quite a while with a job that was taking me nowhere till 91Social found me. I love the fact that the company provides free lunch and snacks which is very important for someone like me who stays alone in the city. I am also very thankful for the support Hubert has provided me all throughout my journey. The flexibility I get working here also allows me to give time to my music which I am very passionate about.”

Speaking about leadership, Manikya says “There has never been a time when Sunil or Gaurav have tried to ask me about what I do. I have been given the freedom to go about things my own way which is the reason I have been able to deliver. I am very happy with where I am and look forward to growing in this company.”

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