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Khushal Singh Chauhan

Khushal Singh Chauhan

Senior Software Engineer

Experience: 4+ Years

Hobbies : Tennis and Reading


This is Khushal Singh Chauhan, a Senior Software Engineer at 91Social. Khushal hails from the state of Rajasthan and joined 91Social in the year 2020. We found him through one of the online job websites and recruited him after he excelled in the interview. Because the pandemic was raging at that time, Khushal’s entire recruitment process was carried out virtually and his workstation was sent to him via courier.

Within days of his joining, he was placed on a project with one of our Fintech clients for whom he worked remotely as he could not travel due to restrictions. Considered an incredible resource, the client grew fond of Khushal’s coding prowess and the overall value he brought to every project.

Having worked on 3 different projects over the course of two years, Khushal has had moments where he has enjoyed working on certain projects more. He says “I think working on a project for the e-commerce company has been one of my best experiences so far. We had a stringent timeline in place and all of us worked together as a team to achieve the deliverables.”

Talking about leadership, Khushal says “Gaurav is an able leader. As I have always worked remotely, he has been my point of contact most times. He listens to you and considers your requests which is a pleasing aspect for every employee.”

When asked about his plans for moving forward, Khushal said “I am looking forward to working on more challenging projects where I can push my limits and also achieve greater learning.”

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