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Ghulam Ali Khan

Ghulam Ali Khan

Backend Support Engineer

Experience: 3+ years

Hobbies : Cricket, Cooking


Ghulam Ali Khan is our Backend Support Engineer. He joined 91Social in the year 2021 and has been an integral part of a lending operations project with one of our Fintech clients. Ghulam hails from the state of Bihar and worked at a startup in Bangalore before joining 91Social.

Recalling his initial days at 91Social, Ghulam states “I was quite skeptical in the beginning because I had worked for a startup the previous two years and was not completely satisfied with the experience. But as time went by, I came to know that 91Social was completely different. Particularly in terms of work culture and flexibility. I was very comfortable and confident working here after realizing all these things.”

When asked about the project he is working on and the challenges he has faced, he said “I think it is important that each of us face challenges. I believe it improves our skillset and helps us learn constantly. I have had a mentor in Naveen who has helped me overcome any challenges I have faced in this journey so far. Sneha has been such a good manager. She never micromanages, gives me enough flexibility, and allows me to take ownership of my work.”

While Ghulam is satisfied with where he is, he has high aspirations to contribute more to the success of 91Social. “I am looking forward to pushing my limits, working on different projects, and learning more as we move ahead.”

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