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Chandan Kumar

Chandan Kumar

Senior Software Engineer

Experience: 5+ Years

Hobbies : Music, Indoor Games


Chandan Kumar is a Senior Software Engineer at 91Social. He joined us in the year 2021 amidst the second wave of the pandemic. Chandan has been an integral part of our projects with one of our Fintech clients. After having worked at another organization for a brief period, he was looking out for a change when he found 91Social.

From the very beginning, Chandan started to learn several things which he had not tried in his career. When asked about this, he said “I learned so many things from the outset after joining 91Social. I am someone who always looks to improve my skills and make myself better than I am today. In that regard, I think I have grown a great deal here.”

Working remotely from his hometown in Bihar, he could not get an opportunity to work from the office. “I joined the company during the pandemic. And remote work has not only been productive for me but also very convenient. It is a big thing for me or any other employee to be given the flexibility and ownership of our work.”

Talking about the culture within the company, Chandan says “For me, Naveen has been of great help and has assisted me all through. I have loved working with the people here. Not only are they always friendly and encouraging, but there is also no micromanagement of any sort.”

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