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Amlanjyoti Saikia


Experience: 8+ Years

Hobbies :  Motorcycles, Photography, Video Games, DIY Projects


Amlanjyoti Saikia is one of our seasoned front-end developers and one of our most decorated employees who has grown from strength to strength to contribute immensely to the company’s growth.

Amlan joined us in 2019 and his recruitment was quite interesting. He was sent back after his first interview because he was a front-end developer and the interviewer asked him back-end-related queries. 

However, our director Sunil called him back for another interview and hired him after having only a casual chat for about fifteen minutes.

He worked as a frontend developer for one of our earliest projects, OPDLift. As it was a small team, to begin with, Amlan and co decided to stay at the office for long hours to complete this project. Recognizing his potential to handle the technical part of projects, our leadership made him the tech lead.

In this role, not only does Amlan contribute to projects with his technical expertise, but he also brings in quality engineers as a part of the recruitment team. Talking about this role, Amlan says “We focus more on bringing in not only technically sound people but also people who can work well with a team. We want to have people who are wanting to learn and who are aspiring to grow.” Speaking about his journey, Amlan iterates “I am satisfied with where I am. I look up to Sunil a great deal and if I can get anywhere close to where he is today, it would be a great achievement.”

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