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Abdul Quyoom Bhat

senior software engineer

Experience: 5+ Years

Hobbies : Movies, Talking with People


This is Abdul Quyoom Bhat. He is a senior software engineer at 91Social and has worked on some of our most illustrious projects. Abdul hails from the town of Sopore in Kashmir. Post his education, he worked in a couple of established IT companies before joining 91Social.

When he joined us in 2020, Abdul was looking forward to the challenge of working on different projects and improving his technical acumen in the process. His most notable contribution to a project is with one of our Fintech clients where we had to build a Card Mandate Management System for them.

Ever since he joined us, Abdul has worked on four different projects. Speaking about this, he says “The best part about 91Social is that you learn something new every day. And as a developer, that is pretty much all you are looking for. To hone your skill and keep improving.”

When asked about the work culture at 91Social, Abdul said “I have had a great time working with the people I have worked with. Everyone understands their role very well and goes about it with complete dedication.”

About the leadership, Abdul said “Sunil and Gaurav have always given me a free hand. I’ve been allowed to explore and take ownership of my job which is what every individual expects. Gaurav has always been transparent with me and he considers any suggestions and feedback that I can give.”

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