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How Shortage of Developers is Affecting Business at IT Firms?

How Shortage of Developers is Affecting Business at IT Firms?

It is no secret that the IT industry is booming now and will continue with its ascendancy for quite a long time. The reason? Several technologies are coming to the forefront and immediately making a lasting impact on various domains.

Moreover, customers are also impressed with modern technologies and the engagement they create. This is one of the primary reasons business enterprises look to integrate modern technologies with their applications and products.

However, leveraging these technologies and making the most of them requires supreme skill and years of experience with the software. Particularly if the technologies are new, the people handling them must be tech-savvy, smart, and knowledge-possessing. This is where the challenge of finding such people comes in.

Each technology is different and individuals would require time to learn a skill related to it in depth. For instance, the React JS framework is in great demand these days. Suppose the developers at your firm are not too familiar with it, waiting for them to learn development with it will put your project in jeopardy.

Similarly, several companies are now facing the unavailability of developers possessing some skill or the other. And this is creating many problems for them. In this blog post, we will discuss these problems and how they can be mitigated.

Challenges Businesses Face without Skilled Developers

Here are a few challenges almost every business faces in the current market scenario without the type of developers they need.

Challenges Businesses Face without Skilled Developers

Projects Getting Delayed

Without having to mention, this is a very obvious problem every company is likely to face without the necessary resources. When you are working on a project and you suddenly require a developer with a specific skill set, you are as good as doomed. First, it will take time for your in-house team to learn these skills.

Second, even if you try to hire a fresh in-house developer. Getting him or her on board and accustomed to the process will consume a considerable chunk of your timeline. Thus, the desired project is likely to get delayed under both circumstances.

Highly Skilled Engineers Charging a Lot

Let us assume that an organization recognizes the need for hiring an in-house software engineer of a specific skillset. It is likely to cost them a very large part of what the deliverable in question would entail. To simplify, the earnings would take a massive hit.

While some companies compromise on this aspect and hire the resource, they only manage to address the time concern whereas the productivity for the most part takes a major downturn. Such instances can potentially lead to companies operating on a loss for years and then eventually declaring a recession.

In every aspect, the cost is key attribute companies have to look at before thinking of hiring engineers that will cost more. In some cases, it is also possible that these engineers do not deliver the timeline which makes this a risk.

Lack of Innovation

When the resources on a project are substantially less, the entire development focuses more on speed and quality. While this is the right way to go, it is also important to remember that all products and applications these days need to carry some sort of innovation.

Because innovation is what will make your product more appealing to the user and also help in accelerating the development process. But when the entire team is focused on achieving the timeline, the room for innovative thinking goes out the window as no developers are able to think of it.

More than 70% of the time, this is how companies end up delivering average-level products that receive a mixed response in the market.

Engineering on Demand Services at 91Social

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