91Social is a software organization helping businesses across industries achieve traction by streamlining quality deliverables.


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Data Engineering

Our team of engineers carries out the analysis, extraction and reporting of data for clients from various documents spanning across a desired enterprise.
PDF Parser

The PDF Parser solution DataSahi enables users to get meaningful data from structured PDFs. During times when organizations are facing challenges with maintaining a large number of transactional records, DataSahi is just the tool these enterprises require. Users can extract data from any number of structured pdfs. It makes it easier for fintech organizations to collaborate with their customers.

Data Extraction & Reporting

Our data engineers commit themselves to putting all the extracted data in a central location and creating reports for users to access. This enables users to access data easily instead of scanning through hundreds of documents to carve out data and report it.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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We focus on making 91Social a people’s first organization. These reviews by our employees are a way for us to tread our path towards this endeavor.