Top 6 Programming Languages for Software Development

The process of software development involves several crucial components that determine how a product or an application is created. These components are also directly related to the kind of impact your product has on the market. One of them is the programming language used for development. Firstly, there are various programming languages for you to choose from. They are used during software development and could vary based on multiple factors.

Software Development: The Basic Steps Every Developer Must Know

Software has become an inevitable part of human lives and there is no way around it. Wherever you go, whatever is happening, you see software is a part of everything. Software development involves various systems that are employed in the process. These systems are commonly known as software development models. And these models are directly involved in the process of defining the steps of the software development life cycle. Basic

3 Effective Ways to Save Your Software Development Cost

In the midst of a pandemic, an increasing number of businesses are opting to digitize their operations in order to improve operational efficiency and maintain business continuity. The pandemic has heightened the need to save software development costs, and many CEOs’ agendas now include IT cost optimization and reduction as a major priority. Outsourcing – When it comes to saving software development expenses, outsourcing is one approach to do so.

Top 3 Tech Trends for Engineering Jobs in 2021

Civil and mechanical engineering is no longer the exclusive types of engineering. We now live in a digital world where AI, machine learning, cloud computing, and blockchain expertise are in high demand. Are you ready for the technological future? The previous decade has witnessed a multitude of changes in the way the human species interacts, commutes, and entertains itself, thanks to the advent of the digital era. Engineers from various

4 Hiring trends you need to know in 2021

The global pandemic has brought in a lot of setbacks in the workforce. One of the most visible changes has been in Recruiting and Hiring, from the new inclusion of Work-from-Home becoming the norm, to enhancing the work culture with a lot more flexibility to bring down the burden of work pressures taking into account the current environment.  Here are 4 trends listed down in Hiring – Remote Work  A

A Web-first or Mobile-first approach to application development?

If you are a startup or a business looking to take your presence online, one of the key questions that you may be facing is whether to build a mobile app or a web application?

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