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Why You Should Choose Angular for Web Development?

For business enterprises in IT, it is important to understand that using the latest available technologies to the fullest is going one of the tricks in the book for profitability. While mobile and web applications are the leading trends in this millennial generation courtesy of the massive demand for smartphones and other mobile devices, how these apps are being created is also a preference now. Recent surveys have suggested software
Software Development

7 Skills Needed for Enhanced Python Development

The popularity of Python for developers in the market is very much evident given the high demand they have. The primary reason for this is also the popularity of Python and its ability to offer solutions in various areas like web app development, AI, and Machine Learning. The fact of the matter, however, is that learning the language or even mastering it is not enough. In fact, several leading developers
Software Development

10 Popular Applications Built with Python

Python is a popular programming language that has created a massive rage in the IT domain. There are several Python websites on the internet that are a massive success. It is vastly popular with both novice and seasoned developers. There are several factors for companies to consider before finally launching a project as per their business operations. And ever since outsourcing has become the leading trend in the IT domain,
Software Development

How Python Evolved as a Programming Language

Python is a high-level programming language that has always been known to focus on simplicity and convenience. It is a programming language that enables developers to write code in various styles and help the rest of the team during key development phases. As is the case with most of the technologies these days, Python has its own history. So let have a quick dive into it. How Python was Founded
Software Development

Why Python is Considered Perfect for Startups?

Python is a high-level programming language that extensively focuses on rapid development. It is used for projects of all sizes across various domains. Several global business giants such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Spotify, Reddit, Netflix, etc., are majorly dependent on Python. However, Python is easy to understand which makes it the go-to language if you are a startup company. Several startups like TravelPerk and 21 Buttons have used Python during
Software Development

5 Industries That Rely on Python for Development

Software development is a practice that is here to stay for several years. And so will every component that is used to create software apps. For a fair amount of time now, Python has proven itself to be one of the best programming languages to be used for development. It is said to be easy to learn, understand, and write code in. It helps development teams accelerate the process and

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