Software Testing

Software Testing Life Cycle: A Brief Guide

The prominence of software testing has increased several notches for companies all over. And the primary reason behind this is the rapidly rising demand for quality software products and applications. To implement a software testing process with precision, QA teams need to operate according to the Software Testing Life Cycle. It enables them to prepare for implementation adequately or however, it is required for the desired product. What is Software
Software Testing

Top 5 Automation Testing Tools

As we know, automation testing is a process utilized by QA companies to accelerate the testing process and prevent testers from writing a code repeatedly. The success ratio has led to several companies choosing to go with automation over manual testing. Automation testing usually involves the comparison of the actual results of test cases with the anticipated results. This happens after the test data is inserted in the system under
Software Testing

Top 10 Benefits of Automation Testing

Every company that develops a product must test it before releasing it. Testing is a crucial part of product development particularly when supreme importance is being given to defect-free applications. Several startups and SMEs do not give testing too much attention because it could consume more time and resources than they would anticipate. But foregoing it is not an option as it would derail the entire project altogether. In recent
Software Testing

Software Testing: A Brief Guide

To make mistakes is human. No one can dispute this fact because even the biggest perfectionists are bound to make mistakes. And this applies very much to software developers as well. The most experienced developers can end up making mistakes. The only way to mitigate is to carry out a testing process with strict vigilance and efficiency. The demand for flawless software applications has created such a buzz that every
Software Development

Top 10 Software Development Trends in 2021

Software development has been a perennial business idea for most entrepreneurs in the last two decades. And rightly so, as it holds a tremendous market worth along with constantly rising demand for new products and applications. Over the years, software development practices have seen several changes due to evolving technologies, discoveries, and improved skillset among developers. In 2021, several software development trends are creating a buzz in the market. We
Software Development

Top 10 Web App Development Frameworks

Software app development frameworks render developers with the necessary tools and functionalities that the desired system needs. It also dictates the rules for building architecture on websites, applications, APIs, and other solutions It allows developers and stakeholders to create a roadmap for their project quickly and to further extend it based on specified requirements. What is a Framework? A framework is a set of components that includes programs, code, libraries,

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