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3 Things Your Employees Expect from the Organization

3 Things Your Employees Expect from the Organization

In recent years, digital transformation has accelerated a great deal across sectors. There has been a universal opinion that resilient employees can be the true assets of a company and then came an understanding that a company’s workforce is crucial for its business recovery.

This has enabled organizations to completely rethink how they can attract, retain, and manage their talent.

Managing Your Current and Future Employees Right

When it comes to managing both current and future employees in the right way, there are three crucial priorities you need to understand.

Managing Your Current and Future Employees Right

Employees Expect Flexible Options

After spanning numerous surveys, it can be safely said that more than 80% of employees are looking for flexibility when they are interviewing for a position. This flexibility mostly concerns working hours and the location.

Most of these surveys also suggested that most companies are looking to leverage flexible work models for reaching out to suitable candidates irrespective of their location. Here are a few takeaways from these surveys.

  • More than 75% of the workers that went for these surveys have returned with statistics that employees prioritize lifestyle over work proximity and are looking out for jobs where they can maintain the balance. Even if it means they have to take a pay cut.
  • Approximately 85% of employees are unlikely to move out of their cities and other urban locations if they can work remotely for a majority of the time. This leads to creating new work hubs in rural areas.

Employees are Looking to Reshape How Productivity is Measured

Moving into the future, business organizations are required to rethink how they can measure productivity as traditional metrics that suggest real work cannot be done outside the office do not really make sense anymore.

According to statistics, employees these days prefer to be measured on the value they deliver instead of the volume. They also expect to be given a free hand and trust that they will deliver irrespective of where they are. The key takeaways of this aspect are.

  • About 85% of employees have said that they prefer working for a company that prioritizes results over volume. So what does this entail? New employees prefer working for a company that cares less about the work output they produce and more about the impact they deliver to their business.
  • Almost 70% of HR directors have said that their company currently operates in this way, but the remaining HR directors have said that their organization can be more productive as a whole if employees felt that the employer trusted them to get the job done without monitoring the progress.

Companies that are looking to progress will want to focus on creating people-centric experiences that give employees the space that is needed to unlock their potential and deliver the required results.

Employees Prefer Working with a Diverse Team

While there can be disagreements on many aspects, one thing on which both employees and managers mostly agree is diversity. Employees prefer to work for an organization that prioritizes this aspect.

More than 80% of employees and 60% of HR directors have suggested that a diverse workforce can become more important as skillsets, designations, and company requirements keep varying.

Honest metrics around the diversity progress and the remaining gaps can be critical to ensure that the efforts to build a diverse team are in the right measure, can be targeted, and impactful.

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