In recent years, outsourcing has been considered an excellent practice that helps meet business objectives with minimal resources that are involved to support the strategic goals. Organizations that favor professional services at a reasonable price have embraced this model in no time and it has also been fruitful for them.

Outsourcing companies have increased the scalability of services they render based on the demands of the current market. It also includes outsourcing types like Engineering on Demand and dedicated development teams.

Along with outsourcing, engineering on demand has had a significant influence on the overall economy. In the year 2021, the outsourcing market totaled more than 100 billion USD around the world. This also has to do with cost-effectiveness.

Companies have been able to focus on their core business activities because these two concepts provide flexibility, enable speed to market, and enhance the quality of services of a new project.

Remote teams have lately proven to be a successful solution to the IT industry. This means they require skilled programmers with higher competencies to deliver high-quality jobs at a good cost.

Engineering on demand helps recruiters overcome the various challenges involved with timelines, budget, skill assessment, etc.

What is the Engineering on Demand Model?

The Engineering on Demand model simply means extending an in-house team with specialized experts on a short-term or long-term project basis. This also means one can cover the requirements of a team by hiring dedicated specialists who meet the needs of a particular IT project. This conveniently eliminates the liabilities of hiring in-house employees.

For instance, if you are developing an e-commerce website, you already have an in-house development team. However, you lack two very important resources to deliver the project on time. With Engineering on Demand, you can hire the resources that fit into your team without having to negotiate contracts in deep detail.

This not only helps you launch your product, but you can also relieve the hired resources when there is no longer a need for their services.

Specialized Engineering on Demand firms is the ideal place to find dedicated IT professionals that are ready to join a project quick time. The resources here are employed and managed by the company.

They also streamline a faster onboarding process without the need for payroll management or the need to worry about office space, training, vacations, pay stubs, and various other issues. The difference with a dedicated team is that you may not be able to bring new members on board with full-time employees.

Factors to Ponder Over When Hiring Engineers on Demand

Here are some of the major factors every organization needs to consider when hiring Engineers on Demand.

Factors to Ponder Over When Hiring Engineers on Demand

Increased Management

Engineers on Demand are unlikely to work at an office location with the rest of the development team. This means companies who avail of their services will need to establish in-house communication, coordinate the workflow, track the ongoing tasks, and also implement a timeline devoid of any risk or miscommunications.

Managers and stakeholders of a project are required to be more attentive in this phase.

Privacy Risks

When an outsider is hired, every organization needs to ensure its data is protected by NDA contracts and rules.


Communication can be a challenge especially if you the Engineers on Demand are operating offshore. In such cases, companies would need to plan time overlaps and working hours according to various time zones.

They would also need to establish communication of tools along with their purpose of usage. Tools like Zoom, Gmail app, Slack, etc., are a few notable examples.


Coordination is majorly established with project tools like Jira, Trello, TeamClerk, Asana, and more. Creating outlines and providing access to everyone can be discussed with in-house teams. This is where remote employees can get slightly perplexed.

Engineering on Demand with 91Social

91Social is providing highly skilled and experienced Engineers on Demand for companies that are looking to fill in the gaps in their staff. This has brought about a balance of sorts in the IT domain where products are being launched on time and are creating the impact they are supposed to.