Just as the other segments in technology, the mobile app domain has also been at the receiving end of growth and enhancement. Through constant advancements, factors like consumer demand and market trends continue to impact mobile app trends directly.

Staying updated with the latest trends and numbers is a critical factor to obtain success in any business domain these days. And with smartphones becoming such an important part of daily life, the demand for mobile apps is only going to increase.

Trends That Will Impact Mobile App Development

Here are the leading market trends that are expected to transform the mobile app development industry in 2022:

Internet of Things

IoT is a concept that has been around for a long time. But it is now that it is being used productively by organizations. The opportunities for this technology are endless in 2022 because its features render automated control and convenience to the users.

A prime example of IoT integration in mobile apps is the recently introduced smart home technology. It enables users to adjust the network-oriented settings in the house from remote locations. They can also connect to appliances like the refrigerator, the microwave oven, and more with the help of smart technology.

Apps for Foldable Smartphones

Over the years, mobile phones have changed drastically in structure. Be it flip phones, two-button touchscreen, or touchscreens with no buttons, users have adapted to every new trend that has raged the market.

In recent years, we have witnessed a sharp rise in both production and demand for foldable devices. These devices have been ably supported by top players in the tech domain like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, etc.

Foldable devices are designed in such a way that the screens can be both compressed and expanded depending on user preferences. For example, a user can expand his screen while watching a video or playing a game. Similarly, he or she can also compress it while taking a call.

This also creates a requirement for apps to be developed with integration to these devices. It can be done by simply having the apps adjust to the screen.

5G Technology

5G technology is predicted to impact mobile app development majorly in 2022. According to leading surveys, 5G connections are projected to increase almost double in 2022. This means 5G users can expect more speed and efficiency with less latency. It also depends on the mobile network they use.

This dynamic improvement in mobile app development enhances mobile app functionality several notches as 5G penetration also keeps increasing with time. Users will also be provided with faster upload and download speed on mobile apps as developers continue to update the app to make full use of the 5G tech.

Mobile Apps for Wearable Devices

Although mobile apps for wearable devices are gaining popularity, they have not broken down any walls at this point. The market trend for these devices has existed for many years too. Having said that, wearable devices have not risen to their full potential which can be expected in 2022.

As advanced technology integration takes over the mobile app industry, stakeholders can consider moving towards wearable devices for mobile app development. And in 2022, developers are expected to work towards creating more apps for wearable devices

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two dynamic technologies that have penetrated the mobile app industry for several years now. But as far as genuine implementation and integration are concerned, what we have witnessed is just the tip of the iceberg based on the potential of these technologies.

AI has been integrated resourcefully by creating Virtual Audio assistants like Alexa, and Sir. Using AI, developers can also use Apple’s latest iOS framework to embed technology and its benefits seamlessly.

Augmented Reality

While the potential of AI has not been fully realized yet, Augmented Reality has gained traction in recent times due to the higher user engagement it provides. Pokemon Go is the landmark for the ideal AR-based mobile application model.

Similarly, many other applications are now adopting AR to enhance their operations and attract a larger audience.

On-Demand Apps

With the visible success of applications like Uber and Airbnb, on-demand mobile apps are going to be a big trend in 2022. Projections have suggested that users are going to spend more than 60 billion USD for on-demand services.

Food delivery services, maintenance services, virtual tutors, etc. are some of the examples of how on-demand applications are benefiting the mobile app industry.

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