ReactJS is a highly efficient front-end JavaScript framework used by several development companies for building UI. It is a popular JavaScript framework that operates on the core objective of delivering high-performance websites and applications

The incomparable flexibility that ReactJS offers is one of the major reasons for its growing popularity among developers. The benefits it provides have made it the future of web development which has resulted in several leading websites being built using it.

Popular Websites Built Using ReactJS

Here is a list of some of the most popular ReactJS websites:


This one does not need an introduction. Facebook has a staggering user base of close to 3 billion people worldwide which makes it one of the leading online social media platforms right now.

The React library has always been a part of Facebook as it was initially created here. The framework was used to build some crucial parts of its main page. Facebook and React are such a good combination that even the mobile application is built on another version of the framework known as React Native.

ReactJS is a framework that is updated and improved regularly since it was rewritten by Facebook in the year 2017. It has become more responsive as it has now enabled users to post comments, view notifications, and post updates without the need to reload the page.


Instagram is another popular website that was built using ReactJS. Just like Facebook, Instagram is also very popular with more than 2 billion active users globally.

It is perhaps the favorite social media platform of the millennial audience for sharing videos and photos. Instagram is a SPA that is built completely with React with designers contributing the code with JSX.

The superfast UI of Instagram coupled with its responsive features gave substantial accountability to developers’ claims that ReactJS responds super fast when it comes to user events.

According to statistics, more than 23% of Instagram traffic comes from desktops these days. During times when mobile device usage is at an all-time high, it is considered a good percentage.

Many dynamic features of the Instagram website are built using ReactJS. Some of these features are integrated with Google Maps APIs, Geolocations, media storage, optimization, image delivery, upload, etc.


There is hardly any internet user these days who are not familiar with the popular streaming platform Netflix. In case you were unaware, Netflix was also developed with the ReactJS framework.

Netflix developers adopted React for both their website and mobile application. This was influenced by several factors like startup speed, modularity, and the runtime performance of the platform.

Websites built with React not only help meet these requirements but also offer many other benefits. For instance, it makes it simple for developers to opt out while handling custom user interaction along with rendering code.

This allows them to leverage the most attractive features of ReactJS to enhance their application with its overall scalability and runtime performance.

Yahoo Mail

On a global email platform, seldom does anything matter more than reliability and performance. In recent years, developers at Yahoo have worked around various front-end stack technologies to create a new Yahoo mail experience. This experience was built using ReactJS, NodeJS, and Redux libraries among others.

There were several reasons as to why the rewriting of Yahoo mail architecture was carried out with ReactJS. One of the prime reasons, however, was the server-side rendering and one-way reactive data flow.

When the stakeholders were planning for a next-generation Yahoo mail platform, they were already emphasizing ReactJS. Here is how it benefitted them:

  • It was easy to debug.
  • Propagated a predictable workflow.
  • Had a short learning curve.
  • It was not dependent on large platform libraries
  • It has an active community of developers.
  • Comprises of a one-way reactive data flow.

New York Times

New York Times is one of the media giants in the USA that has enhanced its website frequently over the years. One of its most ambitious projects is the Red Carpet Project that covered Oscar fashion since the year 1999.

In their recent updates covering this project, the NY times web app covers the different looks of movie stars on the Oscar red carpet using the React library. It allows app users to filter the gallery comprising of photos that span two decades in a captivating manner.

The most impressive feature that was integrated courtesy of ReactJS, is the re-rendering feature of this app. New York Times has progressed rapidly from PHP-loaded HTML and JavaScript to combining Node, and ReactJS on the online interface to stabilize the front-end.

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