Angular JS is a leading JavaScript-based app development framework that has gained unparalleled popularity in recent times. It is one of the leading trends in the app development domain as keeps improving with better features.

According to statistics, more than 65% of successful web and mobile apps these days have been built using the Angular JS framework. This essentially means any entrepreneur planning to launch a website or application is well-served by choosing the Angular JS framework.

Today, we will discuss a few popular applications that are built using Angular and are receiving great success in their respective domains.


YouTube is one of the most popular web and mobile applications going. When it was launched, it was developed using the Angular JS framework. The web app was created with the objective of sharing videos online. YouTube has millions of active users around who post, stream, and download videos on the platform.

Most of the content posted on YouTube is by individuals. Google plays a pivotal role in increasing the number of users on platforms like YouTube. Google aims to generate more traffic on the internet because it is how they make money.

To achieve this, web applications must be built using the best frameworks. Right now, Angular is the ideal choice for most developers.


The weather website has more than 140 million visitors every month. And this is just an approximate number. Developed using the Angular JS framework, Weather is a web app that allows visitors to view online weather forecasts all around the world, news, and data, factual content about current affairs, and more.

Modules in the Weather app are stored in different directories so that they allow independent teams get to work on specific elements of the website. This application has several Angular-based features like map integration, live broadcasting, and high-definition video downloads.


Upwork is a highly dynamic web and mobile app that helps users find a job online and earn money. Since the pandemic took over the world, the demand for freelancers has gone up drastically. Because companies are looking to accelerate their processes through modern practices like Staff Augmentation, freelance hiring, and remote services.

Upwork is a popular platform that acts as a marketplace for individuals that are looking for a temp job and companies that are looking to hire a temp. It helps job seekers make some quick money and companies also to carry out their pending tasks.

Upwork is built with the Angular JS framework that explains its functionality, design, and data security for both types of users.

Gmail App

The Gmail web and mobile applications are formidable examples of how successful apps built with Angular JS are. The Gmail app comprises a simple user interface coupled with engaging, intuitive features that give users a good experience.

The user volume for the Gmail app is close to 2 billion users worldwide. This explains why developers and business analysts alike are preferring to go with Angular JS.

Another notable benefit with Gmail is that Angular was powered and introduced by Google which is why it is the most preferred development framework.

The Gmail app is a SPA which means it mostly renders data on the front-end and also enables access to cached data in the offline mode. There are many such advantages reminiscent of this that Gmail offers.


PayPal is a fintech web and mobile app that allow users to carry out financial transactions more conveniently. PayPal generally approves the transfer of money only between an individual and a company. A rough number crunch tells us that PayPal currently has more than 310 million active users.

PayPal is a very successful mobile application that is used by several companies these days to even execute money orders to other countries. The UI of Paypal is easy to handle and comprises of a few-clicks feature of authorization for both individuals and teams.

This app also has a seamless checkout feature that enables the completion of a purchase without having to leave the web store.

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