For business enterprises in IT, it is important to understand that using the latest available technologies to the fullest is going one of the tricks in the book for profitability.

While mobile and web applications are the leading trends in this millennial generation courtesy of the massive demand for smartphones and other mobile devices, how these apps are being created is also a preference now.

Recent surveys have suggested software applications built using the Angular framework have delivered rich experiences, user-friendly interfaces, and greater productivity to the end-user.

Thus, the Angular framework is highly preferred for development by several leading development organizations. For development teams that are looking to create web and mobile apps with interactive features, consistent code, and a declarative UI, leading IT experts have suggested you go with the Angular framework.

Angular and Angular JS

Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks which was fries created by Google in the year 2009. One of its best features is, it is easy to use, and the team gets a simplification of the complete process with it.

Angular is both modular and responsive making it one of the most efficient frameworks currently. It supports the latest standards of JavaScript and evolves with time.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Angular Framework

Statistics have conveniently suggested that more than 45% of software developers are now using Angular JS for creating an interactive UI. It is also known to comprise a massive developer community that has had an impressive growth average of 55% every year since the end of 2017.

However, to make a compelling case for you, we bring you a few reasons why Angular is the ideal software development framework for you.

Automatic Synchronization

Contrary to a few of the other frameworks that provide one-way data binding, the Angular JS framework offers two-way data binding. This makes it easier to synchronize the data between the Model along with the View.

Therefore, when the data is modified or meddled, these components would get automatically updated in real-time. In the odd case that this does not happen, developers will need to make the required changes manually which will be time-consuming and demands redundant effort.

Bug Fixes

The latest updated Angular version provides several bug fixes and issues related to the compiler, modules, routing, core, and service workers. With these issues resolved, it becomes convenient to properly identify modules that are could be impacted by commands in the TestBed.

Code Consistency and Reusability

Code consistency can be the foundation for the success of a strong development environment or setup. Courtesy of the Angular CLI and documentation style guide of the framework, code consistency is driven at a specific level.

This tool allows Angular developers to create the initial project plans, carry out tests, and integrate various features in the desired project by ensuring the entire team is on the same page.

Also, the time and effort required when using Angular are relatively less comparatively as it allows the reuse of codes and simplifies the development process.

Angular enables developers to include several functionalities with shorter codes by making it productive for the development team working on projects of the same nature on a loop.

Default Ivy Renderer

The new Angular engine is said to consist of features such as well-optimized bundle sizes and faster component loading. The Ivy Renderer helps teams to gain access to effective code debugging and a user-friendly app experience.

It also makes the framework more accessible and sets up instances by reducing the file sizes and making the framework a feature-rich platform for software development.

Declarative UI

The Angular framework leverages HTML which is a less complicated language when compared to JavaScript. It gained popularity as it is a declarative and intuitive language. It also foregoes the requirement of investing time in program flows and in planning what will load first.

In simple words, the developers are supposed to figure out what is needed, and the framework will carry out the rest.

Supported by Google

A large community of Google developers is offering Long-Term Support for the Angular framework to scale up app development. Several major companies like Netflix, Gmail, YouTube, and more use the Angular framework.

Software Development with Angular at 91Social

To create web and mobile applications using the Angular framework, you need to have adequate knowledge of both JavaScript and Angular JS. This is where we come in. 91Social has a team of expert software developers who are well accustomed to using both Angular JS and JavaScript in our projects.

Our organization aims to accelerate growth for our clients’ companies. Through development with the Angular framework, we streamline easy information, maintenance, convenient testing, and greater data security during the process.