The popularity of Python for developers in the market is very much evident given the high demand they have. The primary reason for this is also the popularity of Python and its ability to offer solutions in various areas like web app development, AI, and Machine Learning.

The fact of the matter, however, is that learning the language or even mastering it is not enough. In fact, several leading developers in the industry have claimed that it is the easiest step in becoming that might be the easiest step to becoming a good Python developer.

In this post, we will discuss a few important skills required to become a good Python developer. Before getting into that, let us understand the importance of Python in software development today.

Why is Python Programming a Good Idea?

Going by the current trend, Python is close to becoming the most used programming language in software development. It is growing rapidly and is highly preferred by startups as it provides them with time and budget flexibility.

Python is an aspect-oriented language that comprises similar modules with different functionalities. This means the developers are first required to create the modules and then the result is triggered.

Python developers usually deal with backend components while also giving adequate support to frontend developers. While there are several highly effective programming languages to choose from currently, Python is the best choice for you because of its user-friendly features and economical costs.

How to Improve as a Python Developer?

Here are a few skills you need to develop to improve yourself as a Python developer:

Python Frameworks

Although it is important to understand and know Python frameworks, it is not important for developers to know every framework. It depends on the type of project that it is used for. Some of the highly used frameworks are Flask, Django, and CherryPy.

For developers who are already accustomed to Python, none of these frameworks would be alien. The well-defined structure of these frameworks propagates better development practices compared to other frameworks.

Familiarity with ORM Libraries

Operating software applications through an ORM like SQLAlchemy or Django ORM can be easier, faster, and provide more efficiency compared to SQL. It can be a valuable skill you can enhance as a developer.

Basic Understanding of Front-End Development Technologies

Python developers often need to collaborate with the frontend development team to ensure both server-side and client-side requirements are met. This makes it imperative for you to gain an understanding of front-end technologies and how it works.

In agile software environments, the workflow is better coordinated with the involvement of UX teams and stakeholders. Again, this means you must focus extensively on understanding the front-end better.

Python Libraries

The job of developers becomes relatively convenient and easier with Libraries. The workflow efficiency increases and task implementation also happens much faster.

If you are a developer, you need to know about the libraries that will help you in your daily work. This can vary based on the project that is under progress. As Python is a community-based language, it is easy to find answers to any type of request without any hindrances.

Version Control

To keep track of all activities on a file on source code is something every developer must be aware of. While most developers often perceive this as a requirement, it is not particularly difficult to get familiar with even if the developers taking it up to have done any coding in recent times.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Getting accustomed to these two advanced technologies is on the bucket list of all developers. Learning how to integrate AI and ML with Python while also having a deep learning session is something these developers must take up as a priority.

AI and ML are rapidly growing in the IT domain which only increases good prospects of having a Python-based AI-ML software application.

Communication Skills

It is a no-brainer that most of the software development teams comprise highly experienced developers who focus on achieving the desired goals be it a small project for a startup, for an SME, or an established organization.

When developers work in a software development project, they are needed to communicate and push for business prospects so that the product created works in the market as per user requirements.

Having good communication skills helps developers a great deal in making their development practices more flexible and transparent to other teams involved in production.

Experienced Python-based Developers at 91Social

Python-based app development requires skill and experience to be implemented with precision even though Python is easier to understand. 91Social comprises a team of skilled Python-based developers who will deliver quality software applications for clients.

Improving skills frequently allows developers to channelize their learnings in the new process and produce something new for the end-users. Because of its easily readable syntax and simple interface, Python is the ideal language to be used for software development.