Python is a high-level programming language that extensively focuses on rapid development. It is used for projects of all sizes across various domains. Several global business giants such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Spotify, Reddit, Netflix, etc., are majorly dependent on Python.

However, Python is easy to understand which makes it the go-to language if you are a startup company. Several startups like TravelPerk and 21 Buttons have used Python during development and their products have gone on to become very successful.

What Makes Python Ideal for Startups?

Here are a few advantages of Python that make it the ideal programming language to be used by startups:

User Friendly

Python is a programming language that is largely known to possess easy and simple syntax. There are a few principles of Python that define how user-friendly it is. One of these theories largely revolves around making the product less complex.

When practiced, these principles present themselves in an intuitive, easy-to-use and learn, and well-structured. These qualities make Python the best option for startups to adopt.


Python is highly popular these days and is one of the leading on-demand programming languages. The job market clearly shows how the demand for simple programming languages has risen sharply in recent years. According to statistics and general surveys carried out, Python has beaten Java and is one of the top programming languages used during development.

Large Community

The immense popularity of Python has propagated a sharp rise in the number of members in the community of supporters. According to experts, Python has one of the best developer communities around the globe that it is almost impossible to find it.

This means it becomes remarkably easy for developers to avail readily accessible support if they come across any issues during development. Several programmers from around the globe who belong to this support community are working at enhancing the features and functionalities of this app.


Python can easily be applied to any development scenario as long as it works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is known to play a crucial role in different areas like language development, prototyping, gaming, web frameworks, graphic design applications, and more.

In recent years, it has grown sharply in popularity as a pivotal language used in data science and ML. If your app requires functionalities reminiscent of Machine Learning, Python is your pick.

The reason for this is that its simple nature is more suitable for startups, and it is convenient for prototyping and making other changes. Python allows developers to run their ideas which ultimately helps save time and reduce the budget for development.


For any startup to succeed at a high level, it requires flexibility to grow. The tricky part about scalability is, nobody can precisely predict when it becomes a priority for an organization. This creates the need for going with a programming language that can be easily written and understood by developers.

Python is a simple programming language that is designed to handle quick growth. It is suggested by experts that developers use the Django framework with Python making scalability easier.

This is usually known to occur when the series of components that make up the Django framework is decoupled. Developers can add, alter, edit, or remove components based on requirements.

Speed to Market

In today’s competitive business era, it is imperative for companies to deliver the product to the market at the earliest. And this can be made possible by simply adopting the use of Python.

Creating a Minimum Viable Product is ideal with Python as it accelerates the process. As it consists of a large big community, Python also gives you access to plenty of third-party libraries.

Developers can run multiple functionalities with fewer lines of code when compared to using Python when compared to many other languages.

A Small Team is Sufficient

Python is a dynamic language that allows users to create a proof of concept with a small group of developers. It is not necessary that you need a big team to work at a quick pace as opposed to other languages.

For startups, budget and other resources are very important. Python enables developers to create quality code without a big group of developers at the helm.

Develop Your Software Product with us at 91Social

Are you still in a dilemma regarding which programming language you need to adopt for your startup? You can put it to rest by simply partnering and letting a specialist development company handle your process.

91Social adopts Python as the programming language for startups to ensure our clients avail the benefits of this dynamic language. It is an open-source programming language comprising all the libraries coupled with a strong community network.