There are several factors and components involved in the development of a software product. Some of them determine how a project progresses among other things. The programming language used for coding can go a long way in making the job easy for developers.

Today, the market consists of several programming languages with different attributes, benefits, and characteristics. Among them, Python has rapidly progressed to become one of the top programming languages for software development.

The History of Python

Python was introduced as a coding language at the beginning of the 1980s and was redesigned by Guido Van Rossum. The initial version of the fully conceptualized programming language was launched in 1991.

In quick time, Python became one of the best programming languages because of its simple and precise nature. The coding process got significantly easier and allowed developers to learn it quickly with fewer efforts. Naturally, developers who are looking for these advantages adopted the use of Python.

Features of Python

Here are a few features of Python that make it appealing to developers and stakeholders:

Coding is Easy

The consensus is that coding can be a very complex part of software development. With Python, however, it becomes significantly easier. To be precise, any command that would require complex coding in other languages can be developed in a single line with Python. This is one of the crucial reasons developers are leaning towards Python.

Quick Learning Curve

If you are new to programming and development, you can easily understand it because of its clear syntax. Budding developers can enhance their skills with Python as it helps them work more towards complex coding and development.

Open-Source Libraries

Developers can use the sources and libraries of Python for free to develop solutions for their products and apps. It also provides them with the option of customizing basic codes and reducing development time. The open-source libraries of Python are very popular in the developers’ community.

Support of Community

Python is a very popular and widely used open-source programming language all over the globe. As it has been around since the 80s, it has got enough time to evolve and grow as a programming language. This is precisely why it is supported by a large community of developers.

This community provides references and study materials like tutorials, papers, guides, and more.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is predicted to have a bright future in the technological field as it meets user expectations and provides better efficiency in the devices they use.

With so many advancements in technology, users would expect their devices to keep a track of their browsing patterns. And Python provides developers with the resources which are required to implement this with ML.

Google leads the way in this compared to other companies and it is all courtesy of Python. Thus, the developer community depends on ML and Python.

Data Science

Modern devices are dynamically designed to keep a record of everything that makes data science very much important moving forward. Python is highly preferred for data analysis, as the sources available online are not entirely accurate.

Easy Automation

Automation is carried out in software processes to avoid time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Python is designed to write system scripts that means one can create simple python programs that will automate the tasks that increase productivity in the process.


Python is a multipurpose programming language in many ways. It is used for various types of coding like back-end web coding, mobile app coding, desktop app coding, and more. This language is also used to process big data and perform mathematical computations.


If you are wondering how Python is portable, here is an instance. Assume a developer writes python code for a Windows system and now wants to run the same codes on MAC.

This can be done by the developer without making changes. The same python code is run on two different systems saving time and plenty of effort. However, it is advisable to avoid porting dependable features.

Graphical User Interface:

Graphical User Interface is a feature that makes a software product or application user-friendly. This makes it significantly easy for users to interact with the software that is developed. Python is one of the few languages that provide several libraries for creating a GUI.

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