Software development has been a perennial business idea for most entrepreneurs in the last two decades. And rightly so, as it holds a tremendous market worth along with constantly rising demand for new products and applications.

Over the years, software development practices have seen several changes due to evolving technologies, discoveries, and improved skillset among developers. In 2021, several software development trends are creating a buzz in the market.

We list a few of them for you in this blog:


1) Increased Use of Cloud

If anything, recent years have outlined the rising need for cloud services to scale the services both up and down when needed. While many industries have thrived during the two long years of the pandemic, the travel and tourism industry saw a massive drop.

However, this period was not as bad for cloud-based platforms that avoided the need to pay for services they did not require. This has prompted several business organizations to choose Cloud in 2021.

2) The Rise of Blockchain Technology

We all recognize blockchain technology is for its prominent role in cryptocurrency. But this tech can be used in several other ways. It includes helping normal users and fintech companies avoid fraudulent financial transactions.

The success of this dynamic technology has increased its demand in 2021, with several enterprises wanting to adopt it.

3) Rapid Evolution of AI

Artificial Intelligence has already gained plenty of traction in 2021 because companies with AI-driven attributes are predicted to succeed big time. The Natural Language Processing area that prompts computers to write text and software programs holds increased interest.

And the awareness of ethical AI ensures software developer program machines function accurately and are likely to evolve as many human tasks are being carried out digitally.

4) Increased Implementation of Low-Code Development

The rising demand for software developers has inexplicably outplayed their availability. This has made low-code development important for businesses that could move forward conveniently with the latest ideas.

Software developed with low-code, or no code allows the workforce with no development experience to create databases that support agile operations. This practice has become increasingly common and is expected to rise sharply in the future.

5) Increased Use of Python and JavaScript

Several programming languages that are easy to use and learn are becoming more popular. This is specifically why Python and JavaScript are massive trends in 2021. While Python is used extensively in data science along with several other fields, JavaScript is still the go-to programming language for developers at a beginner level.

6) Familiarization with Modern Languages

Modern development languages are highly expected to meet the growing demands of the current business environment. New languages like Rust, Go, and Kotlin has become popular because of dynamic features like inference and conciseness.

Rust became the talk of the town in 2021 because it was the recipient of several major investors like Microsoft and Amazon in recent times.

7) Native App Development

The popularity of mobile devices has made mobile app development a critical business area in IT. Every organization is looking to create applications with good flexibility, and optimal performance.

Development teams that work for companies can now afford to use native app development. It helps them create multiple versions of an app to work with each major mobile OS.

8) The Demand of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Applications reflect the benefits of websites and mobile apps to provide users with a streamlined experience of companies that are looking to build separate mobile apps for specific OS.

They are built using different languages like JavaScript and CSS. They can also operate on any platform that uses a web browser. One of the biggest factors that draw businesses to a PWA is the cost savings it renders while also improving user engagement.

9) Expansion of the IoT

The Internet of Things has expanded at a rapid pace. It now includes billions of connected devices in several industries like healthcare, agriculture, shipping, and manufacturing, and more.

As each of these devices requires software to operate, a development team with a substantial number of developers is needed to write code and also check the security status of each device.

10) Importance of UX

Software development is not entirely about functionality and performance. A big part of it is also about usability. This means users must easily understand how to operate an app irrespective of the size, type, or complexity it represents.

UX has proven to be a major factor in recent years as it determines how enterprises design their products and services. In 2021 and moving further than that, software developers must focus more on instilling better usability features in their apps.

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