Staff Augmentation has become a trend rapidly in recent years. Several businesses are taking it up to extend their workforce seamlessly and ensure their operations run uninterrupted. It has helped several organizations maintain their productivity.

For instance, let us say your company is working on a project that is nearing a deadline. The project is in jeopardy if your developers are on leave, or unavailable during this time. This is where you need to consider adopting Staff Augmentation.

Staff Augmentation services would allow you to hire developers on a contract basis and simultaneously save you the time from recruiting someone new. Once the project is completed, and the contract tenure is over, these developers can return to their original company that provides Staff Augmentation services.

As iterated above, Staff Augmentation has become an increasingly common practice, particularly in the IT domain. Most of the time, it involves developers and engineers.

At 91Social, we provide exceptional Staff Augmentation services to our clients. And our team is well equipped with handling any and every type of situation for our clients.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Before we tell you why you should hire developers from our company, here are a few benefits of Staff Augmentation you should be aware of.

Keeps Your Team Flexible

One of the biggest benefits of Staff Augmentation for your business is that it allows you to keep your team flexible. It is completely on you to expand your team when it is required and go back to your normal operational capacity when the project is completed.

This benefit helps companies cover large projects, stringent deadlines, and complex requirements. When there is enough staff to work on your projects, it helps you reduce overtime costs, and also reduces potential stress over your team.

Having a flexible staffing option also allows you to leverage teams that match market trends devoid of any layoff practices. What this also does is, assures your in-house team that they will get quality support when required without their positions hanging in the balance.

Flexibility in the team also allows companies to manage their employees or prospective employees better than they would in the conventional work environment.

Enables You to Hire Quality Talent

One major upside about hiring through Staff Augmentation is, you will always have access to hiring qualified developers who are good at what they do. It allows you to pick individuals you feel will excel in the project at hand.

However, your decision-making will bank on factors like what domain the project is connected to, which candidate will blend with your existing team, and more.

At 91Social, our team comprises experienced professionals who are at the top of their fields. Any complexity you face in your project, you can rest assured you will be in good hands.

Helps Fill the Talent Gaps

Staff Augmentation helps businesses fill talent gaps in their teams. Sometimes, companies lack the talent they need due to various reasons. Employees leaving in the middle of a project, administrative factors, economic factors, etc., are some of these reasons.

Not only does this affect your chances of hiring quality staff but also burdens the current workforce you possess. All of this could ultimately impact the ongoing projects.

Through adequate Staff Augmentation services, you are allowed to select services that fill the talent gaps in your upcoming projects. For instance, you can hire a Full-Stack Developer to add to the skills of your development unit.

Take Control of Projects

Another major advantage of Staff Augmentation is that it allows you to take complete control of projects. These services allow you to manage the size of your team and their skills accordingly.

It does hinder your options regarding the types of projects you decide to take. Because with Staff Augmentation, you can always bring in an extra workforce if things move south in a project. This workforce comprises dedicated teams for projects that demand specialists and have tight deadlines.

Not only can you control what kind of developers are working on your project, but you will also have experienced, quality collaborators on your side.

Combine with Nearshoring for Added Benefits

When Staff Augmentation is combined with outsourcing options like nearshoring, it becomes a natural asset. It allows you to bring in workers from nearby countries and helps you save some money.

Nearshoring is an outsourcing strategy that gives you the liberty to bring in labor from nearby countries. How much you these developers depend on the economic situation of the country they come from.

With nearshoring, the workforce is either in the original time zone or in a neighboring time zone. It prevents longer delays in communication if you are facing a time difference.

Why You Need to Pick 91Social for Staff Augmentation services?

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