Staff Augmentation is one of the popular methods days used by business enterprises to extend their workforce. The reason why forming a quality in-house team can be challenging is, experienced and skillful individuals do not come in free of cost.

One of the best ways to overcome this challenge is to adopt Staff Augmentation. It combines the gains of outsourcing coupled with in-house hiring enabling companies to hire qualified engineers seamlessly.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation can be defined as the method where businesses hire outside specialists as temps to augment the capacity of their respective organizations. It is an outsourcing strategy that involves hiring employees to fill in on requirement gaps on projects that are directly relevant to the current business objectives.

Staff Augmentation is swiftly becoming an on-demand service because the IT domain has a mountain of expectations but limited talent to overcome it. However, it is one of the most productive ways of expanding a team and is looked out for by several business organizations.

Types of Staff Augmentation


There are two types of Staff Augmentation categorized based on time. They are:

  • Short-Term Services: These types of Staff Augmentation services are used during periods when there is an abrupt requirement of workers, when one of the team members is leaving abruptly, and when other employees are on leave.
  • Long-Term Services: These services are more suited for longer projects that are commonly used to fill a skill gap, cut down operational costs, or when the in-house recruiting process is bearing no fruits.

How Staff Augmentation Can Improve your Business?

Staff Augmentation benefits your business in various ways. Here are a few of them:

Increases Flexibility and Capacity: It is convenient to hire employees when you need them. One of the instances would be the holiday season when most of your employees are on leave.

Saves Time: An in-house recruitment process can be time-consuming because you start looking at the local level and you do not always have access to resources outside your comfort zone. Staff Augmentation involves expert recruiters finding the right candidates in minimal time.

Lowers Operational Costs: Staff Augmentation is cheaper compared to in-house hiring because it does not involve the use of in-house equipment.

Closes the Skill Gap: Businesses that lack sufficient talent can also from different countries.

Bridge to Hire: You can hire temps and continue looking for a better-suited permanent team that will meet your requirements.

Workforce Transparency: You are up to date about every detail of the work through advanced mediums of communication or project management strategies.

Control Over the Project: Even though you are hiring a team of experts as temps, you will still have control over your projects.

Staff Augmentation vs Other Models

While Staff Augmentation is rapidly growing in demand, it is not the only type of employee outsourcing method. It has drawn comparison with other outsourcing methods like software projects and managed IT services.

Software Project Outsourcing:

A software project outsourcing process does not require only coding. It also demands ample project management and testing. And companies come across these projects when there is a new project or when they are adding new features to an existing one.

However, the company that takes on the project is also the company that manages the project completely. This means the company requires lesser or in some cases, zero engagement from the client-side even if more research is necessary.


  • Range of Skills: You have access to an impeccably experienced and skilled team of experts.
  • Less Burden: The outsourcing company manages the development process from the start of the project to when it is fully ready.
  • Requirements: Professional service providers usually come through on delivering the required solutions in the stipulated time.

Managed IT Services:

Outsourcing of managed IT service is more like a co-operation model that is based on principles that project outsourcing instead of entrusting the entire process or system to a vendor.

Managed IT services are usually more complex, challenging, and long-term solutions compared to software projects. While these solutions hold the same distinct advantages, not many standalone companies provide these services in the market currently.

But the numbers are expected to swiftly rise as these are on-demand services that every business organization is looking to outsource keenly. The difference between Staff Augmentation and other outsourced services is the level of involvement of the client company.

When Do You Require Staff Augmentation?

You require Staff Augmentation in the following scenarios:

  • You are looking to save up company resources.
  • An additional workforce is required for new projects.
  • Projects require expertise that the in-house workforce lacks.

How 91Social Can Help You?

Staff Augmentation is an ideal way to scale projects when the in-house teams find it challenging to provide deliverables. And this solution is flexible because it allows the hiring of temps while looking for a permanent solution. 91Social is known for providing quality Staff Augmentation services.