The global pandemic has brought in a lot of setbacks in the workforce. One of the most visible changes has been in Recruiting and Hiring, from the new inclusion of Work-from-Home becoming the norm, to enhancing the work culture with a lot more flexibility to bring down the burden of work pressures taking into account the current environment. 

Here are 4 trends listed down in Hiring –

  1. Remote Work 

A lot of companies have come forward with changes in their policies, particularly work location. Companies have seen it as an opportunity to not only continue major operations from the confines of a home office but to also assure candidates that all the necessary arrangements from their training to onboarding will take place with all the facilities, with an additional work from home allowance which would cover all the charges from internet, to all the requirements to facilitate a complete home desk office experience. A Work-from-Home option has become an important factor that candidates look for in this present environment.

  1. Virtual Hiring 

From tools that span from, video conferencing to communication platforms – such as Slack, Google Chats, Microsoft Teams, etc. Zoom and Google Meet in particular have been saviors in recent times, with interviews being scheduled using these conferencing tools. This wasn’t particularly new, a lot of companies would at some instances use these platforms to set up Virtual Interviews, in cases where candidates were yet to relocate. It has become all the more necessary with lockdown restrictions and curfews into effect for companies to consider these tools. 

  1. Virtual Communication Platforms 

As mentioned above with various tools like Slack, Google Chats, and Microsoft Teams to name a few, because of the breakdown of traditional on-location/ on-floor management due to a shift to a home working space, it has become extremely difficult for companies to train, on-board and manage their employees. These communication tools have made it a lot easier for companies to continue efficiently managing their workforce, from delegating tasks to constant support to reach out as and when required, it has made the transition a lot easier. 

  1. Upskilling 

At the onset of the pandemic, there was an extremely high rate of unemployment. This led to employees being handed over a lot of freedom to develop their skill sets and fill the gaps, not only resulting in them having a lot of opportunities but the flexibility to expand to new roles and take over new tasks. 


The pandemic may have stalled the workforce, but with early adoption of various tools that brought about flexibility for a better, organized Work-from Home culture, companies were able to thrive in these uncertain times with a lot more focus to provide a healthier environment for employees with some companies going as far as introducing 4-day work cultures and flexible work timings. These uncertain times have brought in a lot of need for evaluation for companies in their hiring process as well.

At 91Social we are following the above trends and helping our customers to get right candidates, so that they can accelerate their development and focus on faster go to market.

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